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In my journey in life I have not only seen but experienced what I call the 4 D's.


These little words that all begin with D can literally change a woman's life in a matter of days. The occurences I am speaking of are not things we like to think about but unforunately they happen.


Here is a list of "The 4 D's In Life"


Divorce......50% of all marriages today end up in divorce.  Now it makes you wonder where the word commitment and "till death do us part" comes in.


Debt (Financial).......90% of divorces are from constant arguments over finances.


Disability......Today you have 2 income families in many situations.  What happens when one spouse becomes disabled and these families are already living from check to check?


Death......80% of all women will be financially reliant on themselves at some point during their lives.  Women on the average live longer than their spouse and will need more money for retirement.


These things, as sad as they seem, do happen to women daily.  Let's think about this.  No one gets married thinking it is going to end up in a divorce....just as you don't start your new job expecting to be laid off. This is why it is so important to start thinking about "what if" something doesn't go the way I had planned.


I am speaking to you from experience because I have actually had to face everyone of these situations in my life.  Unfortunately, at that time in my life, I had no one to coach me on what could or would happen to me if I did not face the "what if's" in my future.


I grew up in a very loving home with two parents that gave all the love a child could want and need along with two older brothers always being there for me.  When I was a very young child, my father became disabled and my mother who had never before worked out of the home had to go out and produce an income.  Was she prepared for "what if's"?  Not at all.  My father was so happy for her to be a 'stay at home mom', however things happen.  No income, no experience and without many opportunities in the work force, my mom had to take a job waiting on tables, an experience from taking care of all of us.  This, of course, added some tremendous financial burdens.  After many years my father did get back on his feet and my mom was able to become a 'stay at home mom' again.  Things seemed great, but then 'life happens' and my father passed away.  My mom, not being prepared, had to sell our family home and live on a very limited income.


As I grew up and graduated from high school I walked right into a marriage that lasted 13 years. Did I prepare myself for a divorce and the life of a single mom?  Absolutely not.  I had no income, no career and a 5 year old son to care for.  I was not prepared for what life had to offer.  I had to start from scratch and that was very difficult with a child.


Why do I mention this to you?  After much searching I have been able to find answers that have changed my life.  Today, I love to teach women how to have a career and build an income from their home so they can be a loving wife and mom and  do so while contributing to the household income.  I have accomplished this through building residual income.  The industry I aligned myself with is Network Marketing/Direct Sales.





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