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  Mickey had been in childcare prior to the business she now owns.  Her desires were to be self employed and work out of her home where she could have quality time with her family.  For that reason and her love for children she was able to stay at home through child care but the income and responsibilities were difficult.  In 1989 Mickey found a home in an industry that could give her not only a homebased business but be involved with helping children through nutrition.  


Mickey's homebased business generates millions of dollars annually in sales internationally putting her in the top 1% money earners in the United States.  She now travels across the world on a crusade to teach women how to obtain a successful career without having to give up quality family time.


Inside every women lies not only the desire but the power to manifest dreams.


Mickey chose to align herself with The Juice Plus Company the makers of Juice Plus+ (and its sister products) the number one selling encapsulated nutritional product in the world.  Mickey and her husband Kerry hold the highest position attainable with the company and are one of its top producers.  In 2012 they were awarded with "The Founders Award"  This award is the highest honor given to a recipient by the President of The Juice Plus Company Jay Martin.


Mickey and Kerry have two children, Angela and Cliff who they were blessed with through adoption.  Cliff and his wife Nicole have honored them with three beautiful grandchildren that they love to spend time with creating memories.

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